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About Us

About Sankalp Life Care

Sankalp Life Care believes in creating history and setting a tradition that redefines quality standards in the field of healthcare product manufacturing. Our vision and ideals would no doubt seat us among the most prestigious brands in India and globally. We have a broad vision and we wish to start from India and then earn name and fame for the nation in the rest of the world in the healthcare sector. Apart from manufacturing, we also have a vision of spreading awareness about preventive care and importance of nutraceuticals.

We are into contract manufacturing of Nutraceuticals products and we have our own line up of products which no doubt redefines quality benchmarks in the healthcare products industry.

Sankalp Life Care is a state-of-the-art catalyst in manufacturing and direct selling of Nutraceuticals and numerous Healthcare products.

It's all in the name…

As our name ‘Sankalp’ suggests, we are determined to be the medium of change. We are dedicated to bring change in Life Care through Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements, for the greater good. We wish to bring change, both in the excellence of products in terms of manufacturing quality and upgrade in the access to Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements products. All this has been and will be made possible due to our commitment to the advanced research and know-how in the field of manufacturing, development and direct selling. Sankalp envisages stepping beyond Indian shores and explore avenues in the rest of the world. Furthermore, it keeps educating people in Preventive Care and emphasis on importance of nutraceuticals, at the core of its vision.

Well Begun is Half Done…

SLC has garnered trust and faith of its Nutraceuticals products clients and customers and that too in a short span of time due to relentless commitment, quality consciousness and total dedication towards providing innovative healthcare products and services. We dedicate our success to our valued clients who have showered upon their immense trust and unshakable faith on our vision.

Why Sankalp Life Care?

  • Firm Determination
  • Widest Vision
  • Widest Reach in India and to the Rest of the World
  • Development of Widest Network to Educate People in Preventive Care underway
  • Widest Range of High-Quality Products
  • Adherence to All CGMP Norms
  • Zero Discharge facilities

Our strengths

  • First Nutraceuticals plant whose products can be exported to US and Europe
  • FDA, ISO, WHO, FSSAI standards compliance
  • Plant set up as per US FDA and European guidelines
  • Company has dedicated, highly-educated, experienced pharma people who have more than 20-25 years of experience in this industry
  • More than 500 readymade formulae
  • Contract Manufacturing as per client standards and demand
  • Loan License – We have a loan license and thus clients can hire us for manufacturing their products at our facility.
  • Neutral Code Manufacturing – We have a Neutral code given by the state licensing authorities. This code ensures and eases tracking of every exported consignment
  • Manufacturing Orders through merchant exporters

100+ Healthcare Products Manufacturing Experience

51+ Most-Valued Top Clients in India and the global market

15+ Accreditations in progress

12+ Acclamations from Authorities

Sankalp Lifecare among Top 10 Largest Nutraceuticals Facilities

Determination towards quality adherence and strict following of standards has enabled SLC to be among the top 10 largest nutraceutical facilities. This was made possible as our facility was designed as per the standards defined by WHO and EUGMP. As our manufacturing facility is designed as per the highest standards and follows all required protocols by ISO, FSSAI, FDA and WHO, it will be the first plant in India which will be capable of producing products which can be exported to US and Europe. We have fully-functional Granulation, Coating, Packing, Liquid Bottling, Gummies departments which are equipped with the most modern equipment. We have more than 500 readymade formulae available which can be used by brands. Our manufacturing facility is a zero-discharge facility and we also take good care of the environment.

Our Motto

We are into contract manufacturing of Nutraceuticals products and we have our own line up of products which no doubt redefines quality benchmarks in the healthcare products industry.

Vision Statement

We envision innovation and setting up of new quality benchmarks for ourselves in the development and manufacturing of quality healthcare products and be the pioneer in large nutraceutical facilities.

Mission Statement

Sankalp Life Care is on a mission to pioneer change in preventive care and be a leading manufacturing facility for nutraceuticals in India and then extend its presence in the rest of the world in the next five years. Accentuate research and development and innovate, introduce new ways to achieve quality and innovation in the manufacture and delivery of pharma products will be critical in achieving this. Focus on upping quality in the production capability of our manufacturing facility by making it compliant with much stricter and future-ready quality norms.


Presently, we are among the top 10 large nutraceutical facilities in the country which have the largest manufacturing units. Besides, our facility is designed strictly as per the norms of WHO and EU GMP. Very soon, we will be applying and getting accreditations from FDA, ISO, WHO and FSSAI also. In a couple of years, we aspire to be among the top 5 leaders in this sector and will add more ultra-modern units which adhere to the strictest of the domestic as well as global norms.